"This blog is dedicated to one and only Frank Ocean. The most lovely man on earth. All gifs/pictures are made/edited by me.

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super--mustache asked:
I cannot stress how fucking awesome it is to finally find a blog this awesome dedicated to my favorite artists, you're the best for running this blog!


Feb 25th · 2
cleo-jones asked:
Your blog is the best, second to food. Thank you so much <3

Aww you’re so welcome! Thank you xx

Jan 4th · 1
Title: Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
Artist: Beyoncé
Plays: 113309

Beyonce - Superpower feat. Frank Ocean

Dec 15th · 5940
theholybibleinaguccibag asked:
love this blog so much <3 <3 seeing Frank next week at the OF carnival and dying of excitement

Oh lucky! I think I’ll never see him unless I move out of here haha xx

Nov 4th · 1
Anonymous asked:
frank ocean's little brother (or half idk) goes to my school! and frank came to pick him up like 2weeks ago and i got to see him

OH MY GOD duuuuude. You lucky bastard. Awww omg :3

Oct 29th · 26
heaux4breaux-deactivated2014080 asked:
I just wanna say that I love you and idk I'm filled with the spirit of Frank today and really stoked

Wooo me too, love you back! 

Oct 28th · 3
paraadiis asked:
i love youuuuuuuu! your frank bday gif set made me teary

Awww <3 

Oct 28th · 2
Anonymous asked:
Can u name all of franks new songs he's been singing overseas?

Feel California, Novacane, Acura Integurl, Songs for Women, Thinkin’ About You, Super Rich Kids, Lost, Monks, Voodoo, Sierra Leone, Forrest Gump, Anything For You, Crack Rock, Bad Religion, Pink Matter, Pyramids, Sweet Life, Swim Good, Golden Girl, Wise Men, Pilot Jones and some other new ones that I sadly don’t know much about.

Oct 27th · 10